Monday, March 23, 2009

Breaching the subject

If it wasn't obvious, this blog and my twitter account are anonymous - it's not that I want to be this private, but there are just a lot of people I'd prefer didn't read this type of information about me - family, most coworkers, old friends. Because I have such a huge online presence in my "real" life, the connections would be quick and widespread, and there's even a chance it could hurt me professionally.

So here we are.

I envision a world where we can talk about sex and pleasure and good times without the social weirdness that goes along with it. But I'm as guilty as anyone else - most of what's stopping me is that I say things that I just want some people to see.

This of course, brings up another question - what about the people who don't know about this side of me, but I'd like for them to? For the most part, these are women I'm interested in, but that don't know I'm a swinger. I worry that while they're my friends, they're really not that interested in my sex life (hell, I have plenty of friends whose sex lifes are entirely unappealing/uninteresting to me). I don't want to totally change our relationship dynamic for the worst, but fear that may be the risk if I'd like it to change for the sexy.

Thoughts? Advice?

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  1. Unless the woman in question speaks openly and frankly about her sex life, try to find a way to coyly bring it up. Joking about it can be a great way to get the conversation rolling.