Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting down to planning

The wife is very much down with the idea of a sex party at the house - as long as I plan it. This isn't a big surprise - she's very much the "take it as it comes" type, and loves a lot of things - she just doesn't care if it doesn't happen.

So it's on me.

As always, scheduling is the biggest bitch with these things, and most everything else other than the female/male ratio just secondary. I'm going to write up the process, both for others interested in doing such a thing, and to motivate me (both in writing, and in planning). Here's what I'm thinking, as of today, anyway:

- Couples-mostly party. My single lady friends will be welcome too. Luckily for me, there really aren't any single guys I'd have to tell "no, sorry dude" to.

- At LEAST a 50/50 ratio of men to women, preferably with one or two extra women.

- June, before it gets too hot. Hot and naked is fun, sweating when you're not even doing anything? Not so much.

- Mostly people I know. Close friends-of-friends are great, but I'm not going to open it up to strangers (so get to know me now).

- 8-12 people total. That gives everyone both the option to do a lot of things/people, and the option to check out without feeling like they're depriving someone else.

I'm not sure yet on location. My house is definitely easiest and big enough, but there are logistical issues as well. A hotel could work, but we'd need a pretty awesome suite with at least 3 beds -still, it's doable.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome - I've tried planning a few of these before, but scheduling issues have always gotten in the way. I think the first step is find out when the norcalers can make it down, and plan accordingly. More updates soon!

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