Monday, May 4, 2009

How much do you tell?

Returning from an appointment today, my wife thought it was very funny how she skirted the truth some when talking about her sex life - even in the most intimate of medical exams, she didn't feel it was the doctor's place to know the specifics about her sex life.

My question: How much do you tell your doctor? Do you have one that knows if you're a swinger, or poly, or just very active? Do you phrase questions in generalities insted of implying/admitting you do them yourself? Do you think it's important to tell them, either way?


  1. i tell my Doctor everything. A former Mistress, Her husband and i all seen the same family Dr who was very aware of our poly lifestyle ( and fascinated, he always wanted to ask questions lol )

    i think its important to share and be honest - when necessary.

    Im dont live with my current poly family, but my Dr knows of my lifestyle, and my activities since sometimes situations can be relevant ( like a bladder infection after the HUGE dildo and new condoms )

  2. Awesome to know! Both my wife and I don't really have regular family doctors, or anyone we see with regularity, so it hasn't come up. But I do, eventually, want to have a regular GP, and there are definately benefits to being totally open.

  3. I think I would only give out details that are important to my health, like explaining certain bruises or pain that resulted from rough play. I don't feel that I need to disclose a lot about my sex life to a doctor (assuming I have one).

  4. I've had a doctor raise an eyebrow when he heard that I wasn't mono, even though I told him that I use condoms at all times and even named a specific type that I have to use. This was at Planned Parenthood of all things. I don't bother telling them anymore. Their job is to check me, not judge.