Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paying for sex? Paying $50,000 for sex?

I'm a liberal guy, and I'm of the opinion that if a man wants to pay directly for sex (as opposed to paying for dinner, drinks and a night out), then that should be between him and his lady (and his significant other, if she'll be affected by it). But I'm constantly amazed when attractive, otherwise normal men pay thousands of dollars for sex.

Case in point: A woman in Florida is busted for arranging sex with porn stars and models. Men were paying between $8,000 and $50,000 for introductions and arranged meetings -- that's a lot of scratch. Maybe it's just me, but I'd think any guy who can throw around that amount of money could probably get some pretty top-shelf pussy just by putting himself out there. Fine, maybe he's married, or a pillar of virtue in his community: but don't you think it's easier to say "that random bitch is lying" than to explain away your name in a madam's book?

What gets me is that Charlie Sheen is thought to be one of her clients. Charlie Sheen: rich, pretty good looking, and popular. Already known for liking the ladies, and not minding paying for them. But I can't imagine the dude can't go the rock star route and have a "handler" find groupies who'd be more than willing to give it up for free. Dude's already got a reputation as a lady's man, it's not like getting caught with a random girl is going to hurt him (especially any more than getting caught with a pro).

I realize there's a place in our society for prostitution, and I think it should be safe and legal. I just think there are way too many men paying for sex that could easily get it for free.

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  1. I think part of it may be the thrill of paying for sex, something that's still illegal. I also think that there's probably a lot of women who wouldn't do for free what some will women will do for money.