Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oww my balls!

I love a lot of things, but pain and ball torture aren't in the list. So why would a guy like me willingly take off his pants in front of a strange man intent on abusing my testicles?

Oh, there's a reason.

In a very unsexual 15 minutes, I went from having nature's most primal ability to having a 2cm incision, a numb scrotum, and what the government likes to call a "sterilization procedure" - a vasectomy. Some surprises:

- It really didn't hurt. There was tugging at first, and the needle-less anesthesia felt like repeated rubber band snaps, but once that was all happening, there was a dude slicing into my sack, and I really couldn't feel it.

- It took 15 minutes. Start to finish. Pants off to pants on. It was all done in a regular exam room, and the only special equipment was the cauterizer. I was able to walk out and go home right afterward.

- Recovery was quick. I was a little afraid of swelling and bleeding (the common risks), but there wasn't much of either. I had my first orgasm about 36 hours after the procedure, and all went well.

I'm 8 days out, now, and everything's pretty much back to normal. The boys do seem to be sitting differently, but that might be my imagination. Orgasms feel exactly the same, and so far, my cum has the same consistency. It does take a while to clean out the pipes, but it's not supposed to change. I do wish the doctor would have told me that bruising and discoloration commonly doesn't start until day 5 and lasts a while, but that's mostly gone now too. A dozen or so more orgasms, and I'll be ready for unprotected, full blast, balls out good times.

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