Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still here, still doin' it up...

I really should write here more often, but the great oracle at Twitter seems to be plenty for my one-line musings, so I skip the longer posts. But here's a smattering for the blog readers:

August has been absurdly busy, and is full of other people's parties. While fun, I'd like to throw one of my own. However, I have to do it this Saturday night, or wait another month, given the calendar. I think I can do it.

Nothing new swing or orgy-wise, other than a few new connections online. The aforementioned business has made finding a spare weekend night to meet these folks difficult. Meeting and getting to know another couple seems like a lot of work right now, honestly, but a lazy hedonist is an unfulfilled hedonist. Unless you're really, really into being lazy...

I'm moving all my readers from my various other accounts here, so hopefully we'll get some traction. I love you all, but I always like more readers/commenters.

I need to find a bay area babysitter if my hope for an orgy up there (where a large concentration of my open friends live) is gonna happen. Either that, or just fly in for one night, which seems annoying as well.

What's new with you, my readers? Feel free to chime in with topics, questions, comments and observation. I work best when stimulated. Don't we all?

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