Friday, October 23, 2009

How kinky is kinky?

I always find it interesting to talk to different people and find that something I consider pretty standard is "kinky" to them, and an activity/position/etc. that's everyday for them is unusual to me. For example, I have friends who regularly practice anal sex, but she won't swallow during a blow job. To me, very strange. To them, normal.

I'd put the following list of activities in "tier three" - tier one being very vanilla sex, tier two being the standard array of activities (multiple positions, oral sex, etc), and tier three being the next level ("kinky" by many standards). Rate (or rank, or re-order) the following from "kinkiest" to "least kinky", by any definition you adhere to:

Analingus ("rimming")
Cum swallowing
Anal play (fingers or toys)
Cum swapping ("snowballing")
Pussy-to-mouth sex
Action photography
Group play (3-6 participants)
Non-heterosexual contact
Light (no lasting pain) bondage play

Feel free to note if these activities are common for you, or occasional, and whether you give or receive (if applicable). Also feel free to note any other activities you think fit in my fairly arbitrary tier system (or let me know if you think it's totally off base). Be as specific or general as you like, and as anonymous or open as you like. This is all for my own curiosity/gratification - I look forward to your responses!

(For those curious, my "fourth tier" would involved what I consider to be more extreme sexual activities, including Master/Slave situations, fisting, piss sex, more extreme BDSM, etc. If anything above belongs in the third tier, or vise versa, voice that as well!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Slutty Slutty Bang Bang

Today's subject: "Slutty" (revealing/sexy) Halloween costumes for women. Why are they so popular?

A) Women secretly wish they could be more open and sexual all the time, and Halloween is a "safe" time to pursue it and act it out.

B) Women see "sluts" as something worthy of a Halloween costume, and dress up because the "costume" is weird/funny/different.

C) Horny men own all the costume companies, and force women into a narrow range of choices.

D) It's just what's popular.

Also: Is "slut" a bad word? Does it depend on context (and who's calling you one)? I don't like the connotation it usually has, but it's quite descriptive.