Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flirting Male Exhibitionist's Lament

I talked about this in a twitter post today, but I'm finding myself jealous of women because they have more body parts that men (and women) are curious to see. A titty flash has a unique place in our culture of being a bit "naughty" without necessarily being sexual: it can simply be revealing.

There are sexual connotations, of course, often related to the free-spiritedness or relative sexual openness of the flasher, but unlike a male cock flash (or cock picture), the message isn't "here is what I fuck with", but instead "here's a peek!" I'm not sure there's anything equivalent for men, especially anything that doesn't scream "I'm showing off hoping to attract you as a mate!" - I'm thinking anything shirtless showing off muscles, or the like.

There's probably a lot of baggage here tied in with objectified female sexuality and repression, and there is certainly a double standard in most places regarding having to covering up. But from an exhibitionist's point of view, I'm at a loss for how (or what) to show off that doesn't jump immediately into "overtly sexual" territory. There's a visual progression of flirting that comes with clothing removal for women that just doesn't seem to have a male equivalent. It's weird, and I'm jealous - I just wanna show something off.

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  1. Titty flashes are considered okay in popular culture if you have "hot" breasts, aka "perky" ones with upward-pointing pink nipples. Also you must not be overweight, otherwise that's just "gross."

    And really, I'd rather have my breasts not be considered taboo. Women can't even breastfeed in public without problems because of the ridiculous society-wise fetishization of female breasts.