Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi readers!

In addition to the folks that Blogger tells me are following, there's a dozen more that subscribe to the feed via Google (or maybe everywhere, Google Reader isn't clear on that). Add to that the folks who read randomly when they see a post update on Twitter, and there's a small but interested readership here. Who knew?

If you know how to ask Google Reader who, specifically, is subscribing to a feed, let me know. It's part ego stroking and part technological interest. Really.

So, yeah, sex. It's good. No new partners lately, but there's a couple we'll likely meet in the next few weeks to see if we click. All this is tough when you're a parent - finding babysitting is decidingly unsexy. I'm also missing my old "chat about sex, or other things, just randomly 'cause we're both online" chat partners. I was flush with such friends a few years ago, but now most don't find their way online much. Always on the lookout for new ones.

Thanks for reading, everyone! It's nice writing again.

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