Monday, November 16, 2009

Who's bad?

Sitting in traffic today, and seeing a license plate reading "MZ BEHVN", I realized that while pretending to be "bad" and to "misbehave" can be fun, it's odd that so many people define their fun in terms of the negative connotations associated with them. We like "bad girls", brag about our "sins", and indulge in "guilty pleasures" - usually pretty openly too, at least with those we're sharing with.

Many of these things are simply language constructs: terms retain meanings through time, so "fooling around" doesn't mean you're doing anything bad, it's just the language we use to refer to something that may have been "foolish" a few generations back. But I think too often, people honestly feel like they have to be "bad" to enjoy themselves, whether it's having good sex or eating good food.

Is that healthy? I dunno. I prefer being open and honest with myself, and think it's a better approach to life. I think the real harm comes in actually feeling bad or guilty afterward, then having to deal with those feelings, and starting all over again when the urge to "sin" comes back. I think feeling good about everything you do is a good way to live your life. Then again, most people aren't hedonists...

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