Monday, January 18, 2010

On Nudism

Though I'm not entirely sure why, part of me wants to be a nudist. There's a lot of overlap in the nudist and swinger communities - perhaps being naked inspires sex and swapping, or perhaps the types of people who are open to one new/different thing are open to others, too. Many times I've thought to myself "hey, why not, let's just try it".

I don't like it.

Don't get me wrong - for sex, showers, more sex, etc., I enjoy being naked, and I'm not a shy person by nature (semi-anonymous, yes, but not at all shy). But if I'm just lounging around, I really prefer to have at least something on below the waist (even if it's just a wrapped towel or loose shorts). It's reassuring. Is this 30 years of Puritan America strangling my inner nudist?

I don't think so.

To put it bluntly, I don't care for all the flopping around. Gravity has always been kind to me, but there's still a bit of wiggle room in there, and letting it all hang out isn't always the most comfortable thing in the world. And fabric, while thin, offers me a level of protection against accidental nicks, knocks and abrasion.

Though I've been self conscious in the past, I've really gotten past that, especially with sex partners (if we're going to have sex, or even be very open about it, I'm totally cool with you seeing my imperfections). I'm not someone who needs to cover up for modesty's sake. But as much as I might want to, I think I'll cover up just a little until I'm needed, thanks.

Do you go nude at home as a matter of course? Or stay nude if sex has happened/will happen again soon? Have you gone a step further and been to a nudist camp/resort? Are my issues common, even among some nudists? I'd love to know.


  1. I certainly feel the same. I don't mind being topless, unless I'm eating, but in general, like to have bottoms on. I am all for being naked, and having naked time, and sometimes naked movie time on the couch is okay, but in general, prefer movie time in sexy pajamas instead. It has nothing to do with modesty, just again, practicality. -t.

  2. In addition - Burning Man can be considered nudist friendly, with many people running around fully nude all week. I am semi-amused by the commitment to allowing dust in places. I did nude greeting 2 years in a row, and let me tell you - not pleasant later.

    We also sleep nude after sex, but I don't like it because I sweat a lot at night, and get slimey if I don't have clothes to pull the wetness away from me. But I feel bad if I get up in the middle of the night and get dressed and he wakes up and finds me clothed and is disappointed. I'm trying to communicate better why I need to sleep clothed and it isn't personal.

  3. I was having the Burning Man discussion with a rather militant nudist I know online. He's of the opinion that everyone should be nude there, all the time, and I had serious issues with blowing sand. But he's pretty hardcore (and weird about it).

    We're almost never nude sleepers, for reasons including the one you have. The Wife is also picky about her nudity (even when we're alone), and rarely is there sex in the middle of the night (but that's a whole other issue). It never takes that long to get undressed, either way.

  4. At night I hate sleeping in pajamas. I feel stifled. I tend to sleep nude unless (1) it's just too cold or (2) other people are around. One week a month I wear my undies but that's it. It's one of the reasons I have a hard time going back to having housemates. I enjoy living by myself because if I feel lazy in the morning I don't have to get dressed, and some Saturdays I do lounge around naked for half the day until I shower or have to go out. To me it's giving myself permission to be ok with my own body.

    When a partner sleeps over, I do tend to get dressed when we're up and about - unless we're REALLY comfortable, then sometimes I'll forgo the clothing. But not always.

  5. I like having at least panties on most of the time because otherwise, no one would be able to sit in the chair in my room. Being a D-cup means that being topless all the time would mean a lot of uncomfortable flopping, so it's a sometimes thing.