Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flash in the Pan

I was lucky enough to have two lovely lady friends (who I'm not in sexual relationships with) send flashing photos to me yesterday, and it totally made my Mardi Gras. I did solicit for them, but they were still kind enough to send personalized pictures. I'm a lucky guy with sexy friends.

Perhaps it's my long-time exposure to pornography, or maybe it's the slight taboo, but seeing exposed/nude/topless pictures of friends is one of the last sexually exhilarating pornographic experiences for me. I love naked pictures of anyone, but while arousing, porn generally isn't "thrilling" to me anymore. It's hot but not unique; the internet has put almost anything I could want a few clicks away. Pictures of friends, though, have to be given - they're not available anywhere else, and that makes them very special.

Part of me almost longs for a time when simple things and little peeks could provide the same response. But as I'm neither 12 nor living through cultural sexual repression, that's just not the case, nor would I want it to be.

I like sharing as well, but as I've stated before, the sweet spot between "arousing/interesting" and "creepy/uninteresting" is a small one for guys. I'm always open to requests, though. And I'm always open to seeing more of friends.

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