Monday, March 1, 2010


Your discussion question of the day: What's the largest age spread that you've had between yourself and a partner? Did age ever factor into your relationship/sex? Do you prefer people much older/younger? Has it made a difference for you?

I'm entirely inexperienced with anyone more than 3 years younger or older than me, but I'd happily go 10 years in either direction, at least sexually. Thoughts?


  1. When I was 25, I was with someone who was 44, so 19 years difference, and thought nothing of it...strangely, now, thinking about sleeping with a 50 year old is a bit much for me. :) Sadly, there really does start to be physical limitations with older men.


  2. I hate to say I have a "checklist", but I'd love to be with someone in their 50s - the older I get, the more I realize there's some still some damn sexy ladies up that way. But it'd really have to be the right person.