Tuesday, March 2, 2010

QOTD: Food

Food and sex are two of life's greatest pleasures. Should the two ever meet, either gastronomically or in more interesting ways? Or are two great things best left to themselves?


  1. Integrating them directly is just asking for a yeastie, IMHO, but a nice meal and/or some alcohol and chocolate can be a nice precursor to some play.

  2. I had a pillow thrown over my head and was surprised by a mid-afternoon surprise attack of chocolate sauce this weekend. Just a little...but as always, it seems sexy at first, but then it's like, dude, you're reallllllly gonna lick alllllll that chocolate sauce off me (which detracts from the actual pleasuring)...and then ew, we sweat and rub together during the post chocolate fucking and the chocolate makes gross nasty mess...but it was fun, and nice because it was spontaneous.


  3. Sin, you and The Girlfriend share exactly the same opinion on such things. I can put up with messy for much longer than she can.