Thursday, March 11, 2010

Question of the Day - Missing Out

Is there anything you're missing out on sexually that you don't think you'll be getting in your current relationship(s)?


  1. My boyfriend is never going to be as dominate as I want. He can try, but he's never going to be as rough and mean as the fantasy side of me likes to play. There is something about a guy who knows how to use you for his own pleasure, how to do the dance and play the game. Parts of me think that it can't ever be as good as something disconnected and hollow, because that leads to the act, but the times we do play a little this way, it's still super hot. I just think he's much more of the submissive too. We're both alpha types with hard demanding jobs who just want to give up control...that's a little bit of a conflict.

    Our sex life also focuses a lot on cock worship. I think my hands spend a significant amount more time on him than he spends with his fingers in me. This is a little sucky, but he does it enough that it's not like other guys.

    And, while we may end up having an open relationship, and he's okay with me and girls, I don't think he'll ever really want to play in a big bed full of people that has another guy in it. He's just not that comfortable, but that could change.


  2. I should add 2 things I realize make me sad:

    My boobs aren't nearly as big as he would like, so he doesn't really play with them a lot, except when he's trying to convince me he doesn't mind they are small because I've complained about their neglect. He's trying here though.

    He also doesn't make-out with me. He kisses me, but it's not the same. I guess I'm just a really tongue-y kisser, and unlike most girls, pretty aggressive. He's just not a tongue kisser at all, which is weird, because he has a tongue ring.


  3. I don't get nearly the making out I'd like, though I've worked with her in the last couple years and we've upped our time. She's more "guy-like" in her sex - a little kissing, foreplay, rising action, orgasm, totally done. I'm more more into extended sessions and long breaks with cuddling between sessions of sex. I've pretty much resolved that unless I find a playmate I can spend many, many hours with, I likely won't get that.

    I'm not sure any two people are truly totally compatable, which is why I'm so happy we have an open relationship - almost everything I'm intersted in, I can find elsewhere, with her blessing. Hell, she even prefers that I go looking, it means she doens't have to do things she's not intersted in, but I'm stlll happy.

    The "bed full of people" thing can really grow on a person - well, it did for me, at least. I had very standard "swapping without watching" and "me and two girls" fantasies when I was younger, and I've grown to really appreciate true group sex. But everyone's got their comfort levels =)

  4. More group sex. It's happened in the past but it's not his thing. A girl can dream, though.