Tuesday, October 12, 2010

QOTD: Impossible

Question of the day: What's your impossible fantasy (or fantasies)? If not physically impossible, then so unlikely/improbable that you can't ever see it actually happening? Something "mainstream" like being with a celebrity, or wackier like zero-g sex? Or is it not possible given the physical laws of the universe?


  1. I want to have sex while driving or while someone else is driving (not necessarily with me fucking the driver.) I have friends that race cars, and I think the fast feeling is super sexy, I'd love to be doing it. But logistically, it's not like you can be seat belted and helmeted safely and doing it at 120 miles an hour and be having fun. It's like doing it in a sauna or the rain - it seems like a good idea, until you're doing it and realizing there are more comfortable ways. - sin

  2. Absolutely. Totally possible, but logistically troublesome, at least if you want pleasure and safety involved.

    I have fantasies about being with two sisters (or a woman and her mother), but realize consensual near-incest is a rarity among well-adjusted people - any sisters willing to do it probably have other family/lifestyle/psychological issues that would disqualify them from the pool of women I'd have sex with.