Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anonymous sharing time!

It's time for anonymous sharing! Leave a note, question, comment, fantasy, etc. that you wouldn't otherwise leave if you couldn't be anonymous. Or, if you're feeling brave and/or have a secret identity, use the name you like.

Something to get you started: What's a socially unacceptable (even among kink social circles) fantasy that you have? What makes it unacceptable, and what makes it hot?


  1. Re: your last post...i've looked at friend's computers to see if they keep any obvious "private pictures" folders where i could find them. one friend's phone, too. no great finds yet but i'd look again

  2. fucking the shit out of my cousin. he was m first crush and it would feel totally satisfactory. sadly, he's very married and stopped liking me as a person (let alone as a sex partner) right around the time I got the hots for him.

  3. That's hot as fuck.

  4. I want to be tied up and choked as I get reamed full force. When I least expect it, in a setting that's not comfortable. And then to have him come all over me, his hot semen on my flushed skin.

  5. i am Sooo happy i found you guys & this site... kinda' wish i'd found it prior to discovering her plans to rendezvous with her chat room lover... wouldn't have had to run off to the tropics & get involved with hedonistic fifty-boy, but, hey, i found this site so, thank you... 3x you KNOW i'll be back.